WTHub Spring Social & re:Launch

We teamed up with Bristol Girl Geek Dinners this week to outline our plans for Women’s Tech Hub in 2018 and beyond at a Spring Social that included re:Launch of our website. We were invited  back to the ACCU conference where last year we shared our plans for Women’s Tech Hub, supported again by Bloomberg Tech. We welcomed the chance to share an update about our achievements over the past year, not least of which is supporting  more than 30 of our members into new jobs in tech.

Wednesday night was well attended with friends old and new giving us lots of positive feedback on our presentation – we showcased our membership schemes for individuals and organisations, and what we offer on our new ADiT consultancy progamme to help shift companies into a 21st Century frame of mind. We also mentioned future plans for conferences in collaboration with COUP media, HBB and TechSpark, and our long-standing plan to open a WTHub cafe & co-working space – which was what Serrie had in mind back when WTHub was just a twinkle in her eye.

Constance’s impression of Tommy Cooper perfectly captured by Hannah Biggs of OVO Energy

We always wanted to make our network as open and accessible as possible, regardless of income, and to encourage companies to support our work so that as many women as possible can benefit. We hope we’ve made membership as affordable as possible, and offer an option for people to pay for another membership for someone who can’t afford it.

Now that we have unveiled our shiny new website ~ big up for our Ajara for putting all that design work in ~ it is much easier for us to point companies at what we offer them, as well as making it straightforward for membership signups. So get off this post and go exploring!