#98 Responsible AI – A PhD prsentation

10 Jul 2024, 6:00pm - 8:30pm


We are going to squeeze a final talk in as Vanessa popped along to a womens tech hub workshop and showed keeness to share her project. As its the end of term and we are about to put up our feet for summer we thought it worth inviting GGD along for the talk and we’ll get you some pizzas – plus its a really interesting subject… so apologies for the short notice and hope to see some of you!

Vanessa Hanschke is a PhD student in Interactive Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bristol. She is studying how to support developers in reflecting on the ethical implications of their data and AI practice. Her work draws from her three-year industry experience as a data and AI practitioner and from narrative methods in Human-Computer Interaction such as speculative design and roleplay. Alongside her PhD, she is also a responsible innovation facilitator at the university and a co-organiser of the data ethics club.

Journalists, researchers, regulators and the public have been asking technology practitioners such as data scientists to consider the ethical implications of data and AI systems. However, unlike programming, statistics, and data management, ethical discussions is rarely included in standard data science training. To begin to address this gap, we designed and tested a toolbox called the data ethics emergency drill (DEED) to help data science teams discuss and reflect on the ethical implications of their work. The DEED is a roleplay of a fictional ethical emergency scenario that is contextually situated in the team’s specific workplace and applications. We carried out three studies with two different data science teams that iteratively shaped the design of the method. Our findings show that practitioners can apply lessons learnt from the roleplay to real-life situations, and that the DEED opened up conversations around ethics and values

This is a women only event but men may be invited as a guest (they just can’t be members – as this assures we keep a Female majority)

Serrie, Gudren and Maria

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