Bristol Girl Geek Dinners: GGD#92 – An evening with Jisc’s tech ladies

25 May 2023, 6:30pm - 9:00pm


Talk 1: Accidental Admin – from Shakespeare to Salesforce

Speaker: Tracey Morris, Customer Systems Support Officer

Description: Tracey will talk through her journey from studying literature through to being a Salesforce admin at Jisc via the Civil Service and working on community projects. The common thread, when looking back, has been an interest in learning the relevant technology for each role, having come through the education system before laptops, email and the worldwide web were in everyday use.

Talk 2: My journey into tech and the implications of moving countries (France to UK)

Speaker: Marie Fagbemy, Microsoft 365 Developer and Architect

Description: This talk will focus on the speaker’s journey through Higher Education and apprenticeships in France, and her career progression into a technical role at Jisc. She will discuss admin considerations when moving to the UK, the colleagues who were instrumental to her progression, which projects and tasks helped her secure her current role, her involvement in Diversity and Inclusion work, and further insight from her work at Jisc so far.


  • 6.30 – 7.00: Networking & pizzas!
  • 7.00 – 7.05, Serrie (WTH): Welcome to Girl Geek Dinners
  • 7.05-7.10, Gabriela: Welcome to Jisc (housekeeping, emergency exits, a bit about Jisc: our culture, ways in which we are inclusive & our job vacancy website, present our speakers)
  • 7.10-7.35, Tracey: Accidental Admin – from Shakespeare to Salesforce
  • 7.35-8.00, Marie: My journey into tech and the implications of moving countries (France to UK)
  • 8.00 – 8.30: More Q&As / Talk to the speakers / Networking / Have some more pizza, please!

**Both talks include a 5min Q&A session

More about the speakers:

Tracey is the Customer Systems Support Officer at Jisc which includes being a system administrator for Salesforce, Freshworks, Eventsforce and Atlassian. She also provides training to colleagues on their use of Salesforce.

She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Education and English and has since worked in the Civil Service, local government and on community projects before joining Jisc in 2004 as an advisor to adult & community learning providers in the South West. In 2011 Jisc decided to start using CRM, and the rest is history.

Outside of work, Tracey enjoys walking, reading and cooking.

Marie is a Microsoft 365 Developer and Architect at Jisc where she creates solutions, automates business processes and supports colleagues’ work, using various Microsoft cloud technologies.

She graduated with a Masters in “Computer science and information systems management” (translated from French) in Paris and worked in the banking sector there before relocating to Bristol in 2015 and starting at Jisc that same year. Although she started as a Business Analyst, her interest in technology and her technical background allowed her to transition into a development and architecture role. 

She is happy to advise on adapting to your industry in a different country, transitioning into more technical roles, and Diversity and Inclusion in tech.

Both Tracey and Marie, together with other two women, started the ‘Women at Jisc’ group, which is an internal network of women within Jisc who support each other and meet regularly to discuss a range of topics.

Please note this is a women-only group – Men are welcome as guests (use the +1 option)

Please also check our code of conduct for rules around social media recruitment and behaviour.

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