12 Sep 2023 to 14 Sep 2023

1,000+ Speakers across 3 Summits – DeepTech, Industry Transformation and Global Leadership addressing the question: “How Do We Get The Next 10 Years Right?”

Global Leadership Summit

Our Global Leadership Summit brings together some of the most exciting and important speakers working in technology, business, government, science, the arts and academia from around the world to explore the biggest transformational opportunities of our time and address the question ‘How do we get the next 10 years right’

DeepTech Summit

The CogX DeepTech Summit is the first of its kind, bringing together leading speakers from across the industry to discuss recent developments in AI, quantum, biotech and other transformative tech fields.

Across three themed days the focus is to anticipate, analyse and discuss what’s on everybody’s mind: the world-changing qualities of emerging technologies and how these can impact how we get the next 10 years right.

The CogX DeepTech Summit will take place at the Indigo at the O2, London, from 12th to 14th September and will bring together the world’s foremost scientists, researchers and visionaries. They will present their cutting edge research, the latest technical developments and the essential techniques for safe and responsible deployment.

Transformation Summit

Learn how new technologies such as AI are disrupting entire industries from financial services to cinema and from health to education, how to harness the incredible opportunities today and the skills that will be needed in the future organisation.

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