GGD #95 Safety AI Ethics and LOTS of other stuff

21 Feb 2024, 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Speaker: Serrie-justine Chapman

Serrie works as a principal safety engineer for Fusion processing in the exciting world of Autonomous vehicles – primarily Buses, such as the CAVForth project currently running in Scotland. She is heavily involved in the emerging standards coming through to regulate the industry around Autonomous vehicles and AI, Ethics etc with both the ISO and the BSI

She also is a co-founder with Women’s Tech Hub and a co-organisor on Bristol Girlgeekdinners (hence the talk and host option this month)

She recently attended the Safety Critical Systems Symposium to which Women’s Tech Hub was generously given an invite to host a stand. Therefore she will be giving an overview of the discussions points from the 3 day symposium, which hopefully interest any of you in all areas of tech.

The talk is based on the Safety Critical Safety Symposium that I went to last week – so about how different industries are improving safety, taking on AI and how to assure it, safety culture, Grenfill, the Post office, Aerospace safety, Rail safety and climate change considerations, autonomous vehicles, if time I’ll discuss the recent cruise incident .. depends on how far I get through with the slideset!

It will be high level – with hopefully just enough info to let you all know whats going on in the various industries. I found it intensely interesting but then I work in Safety.

Please note this is a women-only group – Men are welcome as guests (use the +1 option)

Serrie, Gudren and Maria
*We have invited the Womens Tech Hub male regulars along – but they are few and VERY well behaved!

Please also check our code of conduct for rules around social media recruitment and behaviour.

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