01 Sep 2023, 8:30am - 4:45pm

Join us as we voyage into the unknown and look at topics such as risk, unknown unknowns, observability, AI, security, leading through uncertain times and more. Our speakers will share stories and practical examples of how they continue to deliver delightful experiences to customers during turbulent times.

This year’s theme is “The Unknown”. Over the past few years our lives have changed dramatically. A global pandemic, war in Ukraine, mass layoffs and a climate change crisis are some of the challenges we face. We are looking for talks which delve into topics such as risk management, uncertainty, the unknown unknowns, AI, leadership, resilient tooling, security and more. How can organisations and individuals prepare for the unknown? How can we continue to ship great software predictably in unpredictable times? How can organisations and leaders create healthy cultures which adapt and flex to changing external forces?

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