Women in Robotics at the National Robotarium: Headshots and Bots

15 Sep 2023, 12:30am - 1:30pm

Women in Robotics UK is very excited to invite you to our upcoming Headshots and Bots event on Thursday 21st September 2023 from 6pm -8pm at the National Robotarium.

This event will bring together industry and academia to provide:

  • Free professional headshots
  • Opportunity to network, collaborate, and socialise
  • Tours of the National Robotarium
  • Delicious food, drinks, and snacks!

We will have props available but please feel free to BYOB (Bring your own bots) if you have something specific in mind. The more creative the better!

There will also be an option to share your photos with us and our partners so we can improve (the very lacking) range of photos of inspiring and aspiring women in robotics.

This is a safe and empowering FREE in person event for people at all stages of their career (18+ only) who identify as women, non binary, transgender, or are allied to supporting the promotion of women in robotics.

Who we are: The UK Chapter of the International Women in Robotics Network. We are a safe and empowering community of those who identify as women, non-binary or transgender and those allied in the support and promotion of women in robotics.

What we do: We work across industry, academia, and the arts to provide engaging and inclusive events, mentoring and networking, and collaboration opportunities around the UK.

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