Friday Catch Up 17th March

Another busy day at F3F! Our women-only meetup gets more popular by the week and had a waitlist again today, which is great but means members need to sign up early AND let us know when they can’t make it so we can release the space to someone on the mailing list.

Today’s coffeetalker Monika Radclyffe came along to tell us about the Set Squared incubator programme for tech startups, and ways that people can get involved, either as founders of their own startup company or as advisors on the business review panels.

Monika is keen to encourage participation in their activities and sent us a few links to share:
Idea2Pitch event on 4th April, registration:
SETsquared membership, apply here:
– anyone interested in joining a Business Review Panel please email (monika.radclyffe[AT] your CV or LinkedIn profile

Thanks Monika!

Next week at F3F we are running a WTHub workshop ~ Take control of your digital spaces ~ from 10.30-12.30. Sign up on our meetup page for the F3F in the normal way and then comment underneath to say if you want to come to the workshop.
31st March 11am coffee talker is Thom Leggett of Oracle
5th May we have Martyna Chwaszczewska from QA com who specialise in tech apprenticeships. We want to hear what she thinks about the new apprenticeship schemes coming soon, as we hope that WTH members of all ages will be able to benefit ~ this might also include people already in work.

Other interesting dates:
Tuesday 4th April ~ Grrrl Games meetup at bristol games hub, bring along your games projects and plans
Wednesday 3rd May ~ British Computer Society talk @ Engine Shed on AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Robotic Ethics will examine how intelligent robotics has the potential for huge benefit, but is not without ethical or societal risk and where we stand legally on such matters and what this could mean for potential applications and the impact on people. Register using the following link