On Women’s Tech Hub: Ghazal Javed

Entering Women’s Tech Hub meeting place, not only will you find a vibrant, stylish and ‘trendy’ hip workspace in the form of Desklodge but equally smart, diverse, intelligent and ambitious tech women as well. Not knowing what to expect it was quite daunting at first to come to a place you have never been to but the moment I entered Desklodge, I could feel the welcome and openness of the place.

Coming face to face with Constance, co-founder of WTH, one immediately realizes that they mean business. WTH stands for helping women in the tech industry and everyone in the meetup does that by providing each other with support to put their self-doubt aside, bring forth new ideas and take a leap in doing whatever they wish to achieve in this ‘as-yet’ male dominated industry.

Holding weekly Friday meet-ups, Women’s Tech Hub invites guest speakers from different organizations, arranges workshops and provides general support to look out for opportunities. It is a boost to your motivation and healthy feeling of having tech people around you, shaking away your doubts and apprehensions on going back to work after a career break, moving into the tech industry or even having your own start-up.

Being on a lookout for change after having worked in Research and Development as a Digital Electronics engineer, Data was a field I was particularly interested in. With experience of programming, knowledge of database design and some independent study of data analysis, the intention was to acquire hands on experience in this field and move to a career path which was, personally, more fulfilling.

But there were obstacles. Professional career break due to relocation to UK from Pakistan, limited awareness of opportunities in the market and depleting motivation after getting in touch with recruiters and not receiving any feedback. This is where Women’s Tech Hub was a help. Being able to meet people who have been through similar situations, who are achieving so much through their skills and who advocate for diversity as well as flexibility at work was indeed a valuable energy booster.

One month into working at KETL, a job opening which came across through heads up by WTH, it has been a wonderful experience. KETL is a Systems Integration and data analytics consultancy, aiming to provide valuable data solutions with a varied skilled workforce who not only care about their clients but their own people too, having weekly fruit boxes, comfy adjustable workspace options and the camaraderie to keep you going happily through the day. By having discussed the kind of career options I was looking into at WTH, getting second opinions on my CV and better ideas on tech market, it all has been worthwhile being at Women’s Tech Hub.

For women looking for work in tech industry, either starting or returning, WTH is an exciting meetup. It is an active support system discussing issues being faced by women in the tech industry, providing opportunities to listen to employers and the skills they are looking for and even showcasing your own skills and successes. So come over for hot-desking with WTH and see where your passion for tech takes you…

Regards, Ghazal Javed