12 November 2023

GirlGeekDinners career in Cyber and Codehub code review

Proof of Skill vs. Academic Pedigree: Remove the Barriers to a Career in Cybersecurity

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Joanne Mavridis Immersive Labs

with Joanne Mavridis, Academy Director – Cyber Million, Immersive Labs

Given the massive talent shortage in the cybersecurity industry, current recruiting processes need to fundamentally change. In this session, Joanne Mavridis, Academy Director at Immersive Labs, will share details of the recently-launched tech4good initiative, Cyber Million.
During the evening you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the benefits of the programme
  • Explore the Cyber Million platform via a demo and Q&A session
  • Gain insights into the types of skills needed as well as tips from our employment partners when applying for roles.

Join us to learn why proof of skill and having the right attitude, aptitude, and ability has never been more important as the industry searches for new talent.

The Art of Code Review and the Looney Tunes Vulnerability

At Workshop Wednesday this week with our pals at Codehub

In this workshop we will be taking a deep dive into the anatomy of a real-world, serious vulnerability that came to light in Oct this year. The flaw occurs deep in the GLIBC code that is responsible for finding and loading shared libraries, meaning it is used by every Linux application!

You will be playing the role of code reviewer, responsible for ensuring good code quality. Reviewing is a different and under-appreciated skill from coding. We will be using this vulnerability to learn some effective code review techniques. What questions and requests should you be asking to make sure this flaw doesn’t see the light of day?

Some experience in C/C++ programming will be required as we’ll be staring at classic C doing pointer manipulation. And you will need access to a laptop to follow along because, although the code is only 80 lines long, that is too big to show on a screen.

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