4 March 2024

International Women’s Day – what’s on?

It’s international women’s day on Friday the 8th, while we take a day off there’s lots of events you can pop into .. also our next Girl Geek Dinner event is booked so check it out and pop along (You don’t have to be in tech to take an interest, we won’t test you and it’s a very friendly group)

If we do not lift up women and families, everyone will fall short.

Kamala Harris

International Women’s Day 2024 campaign theme is ‘Inspire Inclusion’

The campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2024 is Inspire Inclusion.

When we inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion, we forge a better world.

And when women themselves are inspired to be included, there’s a sense of belonging, relevance, and empowerment.

Collectively, let’s forge a more inclusive world for women.

Read more about a definition of what it means to inspire inclusion here.

Jean Golding Institute International Women’s Day Seminar 2024

We invite you to join us for this exciting event showcasing some of the inspiring women from our data science community. We will be welcoming guest speakers from our national and international partners, to talk about their journey into data science, their research interests and the achievements they are proud of. They will also be sharing their unique experiences as women working in Data Science.

Please look at our Code of Conduct which we follow at all virtual and in-person events.

Some other stuff happening on the day

100 Black Women Who Have Made a Mark

October 2024 – January 2025

100 Black Women Who Have Made A Mark celebrates the stories of Black women who have made a positive change, whether it be across arts, education, technology, science or community activism.  This round table conversation will be an opportunity to hear from the five visual artists working on the project ahead of the exhibition in October.  It will also be an opportunity to be the first to find out who has been selected as sitters for this project featuring the portraits of 100 Black women from across Britain and Ireland.

Celebrating International Women’s Day: Women in Cyber Security

CyberWomen Groups C.I.C. (https://cyberwomengroups.org.uk/) and Women’s Cyber Circle (https://womenscybercircle.com/) have come together for Internationl Women’s Day 2024.

Celebrate this year’s theme, Inspire Inclusion, by joining this networking event which aims to promote women and celebrate diversity and inclusivity in the cybersecurity sector.

A panel discussion from some incredible women in cybersecurity will hopefully inspire your engagement. This event is being hosted to provoke more belonging and empowerment to women in the cyber industry. Please come join us.

Drinks, nibbles, and live music will be provided throughout the evening. Join us for an after party at The Drawing Rooms (Bath) after the event! (https://www.thedrawingrooms.co/)

International Women’s Day at Home Grown Members Club

Join Socialite Connections for an unparalleled International Women’s Day business networking experience in the bustling west end area of central London at Home Grown Private Members Club. Join us in celebrating International Women’s Day and be a part of the movement for a brighter future..

International Women’s Day is a global celebration that honours the achievements and contributions of women around the world. It is a day dedicated to recognizing women’s rights, empowerment, and their invaluable role in society.

International Women’s Day Conference & Exhibition

Join us for an inspiring and empowering event celebrating women’s achievements and promoting gender equality. The International Women’s Day Conference & Exhibition will take place at Millennium Point – Birmingham. This in-person event brings together influential speakers, thought-provoking discussions, and a vibrant exhibition showcasing the talents of women from various fields. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and be inspired by remarkable women from around the world. Come and be part of this incredible celebration of women’s accomplishments and the journey towards a more inclusive society.

We’ll let you google the rest but there’s some great events that you may want to attend and they work if you pop along to them.

GGD #96 Empowering Women in Tech: Strategies, Role Models & My Personal Journey

Join us for a compelling session with Naomi March, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in tech recruitment and a passionate advocate for women in technology. This talk will dive into Torchbox’s initiatives to support women in the tech industry, spotlighting the company’s female role models, its mentoring scheme, academy programme, and leadership collaboration sessions designed to nurture female talent.
The discussion will extend to Torchbox’s engagement with the local tech community and provide actionable advice for women looking to make their mark in the tech world. Skills development, opportunity scouting, and making a noticeable impact as a female geek will be covered.

Naomi will share her personal journey, shedding light on the challenges and successes of navigating the tech recruitment landscape, while maintaining a positive outlook. As a self-identified geek, Naomi values the opportunity to share her knowledge and engage in meaningful dialogues.

The session will wrap up with a Q&A, inviting attendees to probe deeper into the subjects discussed and share their experiences.

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