Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol has been successfully curating job matches since we first started up.  We’ve been helping women re:skill,  gain confidence and get ready for the tech skills market.  The companies that are engaged with us embrace the fact that we are introducing them to highly skilled and capable women to help solve their gender diversity issues. There are a variety of solutions that we have to aid us to continue to achieve our success in the area:


We run an inclusive Careers fair called Tech³Shed which we will update you on when we start planning the next one. This is a recruiter free event and aimed at ensuring that everyone who comes along gets to engage with the companies attending.

Women’s Tech Hub Offers

If you are looking for talented women and gender non-conforming people then you have a few options:

You can also talk to us about:

  • Returnships with our re:BOOT programme
  • Apprenticeship options (including the levy) & Partner