Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol  has been successfully curating job matches since we first started up.  We’ve been helping women re:skill,  gain confidence and get ready for the tech skills market.  The companies that engaged with us embraced the fact that we were introducing capable women and helping solve their gender diversity issues.

WTH is a very inspiring community where women come from different backgrounds and share their interests and passion for learning new things. I received a very friendly welcome and great support in my job search.
Magdalena Faizov, Web designer & developer


We soon realised that, although we had succeeded in building a voice between the women and the companies, it would require clear process and seperate resourcing.  We therefore decided to take it out of house to our sister group Women’s tech jobs


Women’s Tech Hub Offers

If you are looking for talented women and gender non-conforming folks then you have a few options:

You can advertise them on our WTJ job board

You can talk to us about:

  • Returnships with our re:BOOT programme
  • Apprenticeships (including the levy)
  • re:TRAINING options

Companies who are members of WTHub have some reduced price offerings – please see our membership page for details Membership