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Celsius Innovations Ltd


Celsius Innovations Ltd

  • Hours: Other
  • Location: Bristol, Avon, UK
  • Style of work: Hybrid
  • Closing date: 14/02/2024
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Posted: 30 January 2024

Our ref: WTJ-4153


Product Design Engineer

About the Job
Celsius Innovations are a Bristol based Femtech Start-up.

Our mission is to develop an efficient and accessible cooling solution to help women who struggle with Menopausal Hot Flushes, and play an active role in progressing the conversation about menopause and how to be supportive.

Our first product; Celsius, is a wearable cooling device that is worn on the wrist for tackling menopausal hot flushes. When activated, it applies cold to the inside of wrist instantly. Leveraging the high thermal sensitivity of the wrist, the concentrated cold sends a signal to the hypothalamus that can result in a reduction in hot flush severity and/or interrupt a hot flush from occurring entirely. Initial user trials have been very positive, which, have been followed by the closing of a recently successful pre-seed funding round. We are now designing and developing the product further to take it to manufacture.

The role would involve working at our site at Launch space, Bristol Robotics Laboratory on the UWE campus. Ideally 4 days a week (can discuss 3 days if needed) of work with some flexibility as and when needed. The role will be a contract role (£25-35/hour depending on experience), outside of IR35, likely for a 3-month period to begin. The role will provide vital Engineering and Product Design input that will be integral to the shaping the Celsius product and the growth of the startup, with the possibility of becoming a permanent hire with an equity involvement.
The Role
• Suitable for e.g., Product Designer, Mechanical Engineer, Design Engineer or Industrial Designer.
• Run benchmark testing and data analysis of different concepts/layouts/components.
• Analyse results from user-trials.
• Design and prototype concepts for testing performance, ergonomics and UX. Utilize workshop with 3D printers etc.
• Work with the lead Engineer and the Product Design lead, to refine product design concepts and progress the product CAD assembly.
• BOM management.
• Supplier/Manufacturer Engagement
• Engage in team meetings and brainstorms with CEO and Marketing lead on commercialisation and branding strategy.
Required Skills
• Design/ Engineering 2-5 years experience.
• CAD – SolidWorks Preferrable
• An appreciation for manufacturing methods with knowledge on injection moulding, CNC machining, metal stamping etc.
• Experience in running testing with strict adherence to protocols and a focus on repeatability.
• Test Experience

Nice to Have Skills
• Have an interest in Femtech
• Someone who is enthusiastic, enjoys creative thinking and working on innovative concepts.
• Someone who is interested in helping shape the direction of our start-up and getting involved in an impact project.
• Understanding of basic electronics systems, particularly battery powered consumer electronics.
• Systems Engineering Knowledge e.g., FMEA
• CAD assembly management and tolerance stacks.
• Industrial design experience with the ability to produce product renders
• Concept Sketching
• An appreciation for Thermal Engineering/Heat transfer
• Experience in creating drawings for prototyping/manufacturing.
• Rapid prototyping experience.

Celsius is focused on developing innovative solutions that are accessible to as many as possible. We strive to put sustainability at the heart of our product design to minimise its carbon footprint and make it a circular product that can be repaired and re-purposed. We loathe greenwashing and intend to have the most positive impact we can on the environment with our future products but endeavour not to make bogus claims.
As a business, we strive to give everybody an equal chance based on merit by building a level environment. This is why we intend to build our company on foundations of respect, passion and empathy. The culture will encourage fun, excitement and initiative to drive creativity.

How to apply

Please feel free to give Aonghus a call any time with any questions – 07534271131 or to chat more about the role.

If you’re interested in applying please send an email to

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