Jobs Board

As part of our offering, we have a Jobs Board which is charged at £100 per advert until the job is closed up to a period of 3 months.

All job adverts should be tech-related, west country-based and inclusive to all. If you would like to advertise with us then please contact us on We also have a list of skills of our members currently looking for work in the area, so please check out our Candidates page for more info.

We also run what we call a Passive recruitment service which encompasses:

  • Free jobs publicity on our board until it is filled
  • Act as a recruiter and as such run them under our name and logo.
  • We do not search to actively fill your roles but will intro you to any of our candidates that interest you and contact us about an advertised role.
  • We charge a 5% fee (as mentioned on the candidates board) but only once the candidate is in a position with you
  • It is cost-free until a position is filled (including if they are filled in other manners in which case we remove the role.

For our members wishing to have advice re any jobs advertised please feel free to contact us for support on Also please check the jobs advertised as many of them are offering flexible options on hours, so they are advertising for full-time but happy to negotiate.