Opportunity: Data Consultant with KETL in Bristol

Local company KETL are looking for TWO “curious, hard-working people, with experience of data manipulation in their studies or work history” to work for them in Central Bristol and be trained as Data Consultants.

Salary is based on experience and is within the band of £23,000-£27,000

If that piques your interest then take a look at the job description ONLINE HERE  and the opportunities afforded working with KETL. They have a great track history of taking on people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience – from Maths to Marketing, Palaentology and Games.

KETL are an open and friendly bunch and understand that some people need more support to get going in a new role. This is why they offer training on the software tools that they use with their clients. If you have an interest in and aptitude for data then apply! Before you know it you could be a data consultant working on a variety of projects.

So, here is what they are looking for:

Good communicator, with a positive attitude and an ability to work collaboratively in a team.

  • Logical and Analytical
  • Well organised with an ability to show a disciplined approach to project work
  • Monitors the quality of their work, asking for guidance if needed
  • Promotes a climate of trust, respect and co-operation within the team

There is more detail on their jobs board so read the description and if you are one of our WTH members and need to talk it through then get in touch with us (info@wthub.org) or come to Free3Friday. Applications close on the 30th June so get on it! This is a great opportunity to join a small but growing team of people in Bristol, in a company this is more than open to discussing flexitime, working from home requests and any other special requirements.

KETL also run occasional really useful training events taking the software they use to wider audiences. The next one is 26th June and is an introduction to using Snowflake cloud data database – SIGN UP HERE

We’ve written about KETL before: they were one of our early supporters and the first Bristol Tech business to sign up for Women’s Tech Hub membership. They are now using the support that we offer with our consultancy services – the ADiT modules (MORE INFO) to look at ways that the company can grow and maintain a diverse and inclusive culture.

If you are interested in the services that Women’s Tech Hub offers to support tech companies then get in touch – for example, we can help you write job descriptions to appeal to a wider audience, work with your employees to explore unconscious bias, write company guidelines for new recruits. Email us on info@wthub.org to find out more.