Business Membership

Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol works with businesses to effect change in practical and tangible ways.

We create spaces for conversations with and within companies to discover what they can do to create inclusive cultures that work for everyone, rather than being didactic and telling companies what to do. It’s well documented that a diverse team creates better and more profitable products.

The gender imbalance in the tech industry is not going to go away by just ignoring it. Supporting the work already begun by WTH is a way to begin to address the problem.
Helen Woodcock, Marketing & Business Development Manager
WTH Deer

We want to support tech in the South-West to be even better. If you want to do the same, come on board and support us with your membership!

Business Membership (small)
£1,000 / year
Business Membership (medium)
£2,000 / year
Business Membership (large)
£4,000 / year

Business Membership Rates

  • £1000 (plus VAT) – Small company (<50 employees)
  • £2000 (plus VAT) – Medium company (50-100 employees)
  • £4000 (plus VAT) – Large company (100-400 employees)
  • over 400 employees – please ask for a quote

Business Membership Benefits

Company Culture | Tech Skill Solution | Support

  • A free annual Gender Diversity Insights – News, Topics, Legislation.
  • A free annual Gender Audit to help measure changes and improvements
  • Introduction of the company in our blog and newsletter
  • Introduction of the company at our Coffee Talk
  • Two job adverts to database of job seekers included
  • Two curated job candidate matches included
  • Free mentoring for your re:Boot participants