MSc in Data Science – The representatives

There will be various members of the MSc faculty to support you and talk about the course during the day. These are what they look like so pop over and say hi and ask questions – no questions are stupid questions and they are there to support you.

Dr Paul Matthews

My current research interests include digital support for mental health, natural language processing (text mining) and humanities analytics.
Course lead for MSc Data Science and MSc IT. Always interested in collaboration around topics for student projects, data hacks, student work experience.

My current teaching is on Social Media and Web Science and the Interdisciplinary Group Project, both at MSc level: Personal web page

Dr Fiona Crawford

Dr Fiona Crawford

I am a lecturer in statistics and data analytics and my research is associated with the Centre for Transport and Society.  I have qualifications in mathematics, social policy and transport studies and I have work experience in statistics, auditing and research.  I would consider myself to be a quantitative analyst and I particularly enjoy analysing data which provides insights into human behaviour.

My PhD involved developing new methods for analysing large datasets to provide insights into travel behaviour.  I used methods including Functional Linear Models, Model Based Clustering and Sequence Alignment and applied all of the methods to real-world data from the road network in Greater Manchester.  I have experience in processing and analysing data from loop detectors and Bluetooth detectors on the road network. 

After my PhD, I was awarded an ESRC Post Doctoral Fellowship.  I used this to gain insights into multi-day travel behaviour using data from a range of third party partners by adapting methods developed during my PhD.

I also have experience in estimating the benefits of cycling and walking schemes (using WebTAG) and undertaking monitoring work on large funding projects for cycling.

Dr Constance Fleuriot

Dr Constance Fleuriot is part of the UWE team delivering the MSc in Data Science. She has a background in creative technologies research. Linkedin profile