7 April 2024

New Freelancer Directory

We want to announce to you that we have decided to set up a new page to allow our women to advertise themselves as freelancers. We know there are a fair few out there and are often approached by people looking to find women that can freelance for them, so 1 + 1 makes a new page in our calculations.

Currently we just have the lovely Nina, our web designer, advertised on there but we would like anyone wanting to advertise to put themselves on there so we can support you, and more to the point, there’s no charge for you using the page or for anyone who finds you on there so there’s nothing to lose.

Simply go to the page and click on the

and fill in your details – we’ll check that you are genuine and publish you

For people looking for freelance women you can go to our recruitment page

Click through and find the directory

and simply contact them through the contact details. Its as simple as that!

We do hope you will use it as it would be good to support the women in our industry.


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