Bristol Creative Tech Manifesto ~ workforce diversity

“Workforce diversity is a business imperative – as illustrated by the success of companies with an effective gender-balance.”
This line stood out for us from the new ‘Bristol Creative Tech Manifesto 2016’, a collaboration between our friends at TechSPARK and Bristol Media, who have crowdsourced the content from local creative and tech companies.

It’s a easy to read document aimed at convincing our next mayor of Bristol of what will be needed to support continued growth of the tech/creative cluster for the next few years.

The manifesto highlights many of the successes of the local Bristol/SW creative tech scene, the role of hubs (we know!) and the importance of supporting young people in different ways to engage with local tech companies.

Here at Women’s Tech Hub we found it a very interesting read and would love to know more about local workforce diversity and the ways that local companies encourage women to stay in tech roles. If anyone has any insights into current diversity figures, what issues they highlight and any solutions are being developed then do please get in touch with us, especially if they want to collaborate on solutions.

Creative Tech Manifesto 2016