Come and be ‘Unsocial’

Here’s a lovely guest post from regular Free3Friday attendee, Gözde, who recently started organising monthly ‘Unsocials’ as a way to keep us all in touch. These take place at the beginning of each month and we will alternate Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons (when families are welcome).
Our next Unsocial is Friday 9th Feb in the evening; partners, friends and colleagues welcome.

Here’s what Gözde has to say:

Many of our WTHub members have already found jobs and so can no longer attend Free3Fridays, so we decided to organise an official WTHub ~ Unsocial every month so we can keep in touch with the people we have met and make new tech-savvy friends in a social environment.

I’ve always been responsible for organising such events throughout my studies and was so excited to be in charge of this for such an amazing group! A group so unique, a community so supporting, a nest so homely… I’ve been coming to F3F’s for almost a year now and can’t begin to say enough about what WTHub means to me.

Just before last Christmas, as an old member of WTHub, I wanted a get-together with these fab women so we could celebrate the season with some lovely mulled wine and chat about what our lives were like. I organised the first Unsocial at Horts, Bristol on Dec 3rd, with a Christmas drinks theme. Anyone was welcome as long as they were interested in technology. (Yes, men too.) It was a great networking opportunity for newcomers and a chance for oldies to catch up of course!

Also, it was very nice to meet our friends’ families – we were about 25 people with partners, children, friends and colleagues. This made the Unsocial even more interesting and I’m sure many of us found it very useful to talk to some men about technology and the challenges women face in tech. It is good to have different perspectives on certain things, it encourages you to do whatever it is you want to do.

That is WTHub for you – diversity, encouragement, support!

In just two hours of Unsocial, I met some new and very interesting people and they are now connected to our group as well. It is nice to see we all have so much in common and are not alone. We are a community that will always be there for each other.

I absolutely loved organising a social event for WTHub and being together with the amazing people I knew through F3F’s and those I just met. Some of the women moved to my ‘friends’ category a long time ago, but having social activities with fellow techies has expanded this circle! I hope you feel the same and we’ll see you at our next Unsocial ????

ps: we were so busy having a good time we forgot to take photos!