Fancy trying out for a career in Data? KETL can help

We have been working with KETL as you may be aware from our previous blog and now they have just announced their offering of free training sessions with desklodge support – Brilliant News!!
They are looking to promote women back in but we’re sure they are happy for women wanting to move careers to come along and see if it interests them (personally we are also a bit tempted!)

We have been having a think here at KETL about how we can encourage a more diverse workforce in our world of data integration. You can read about the help we have had from Girl Geek Dinners in Helen’s blog.

If you have worked in IT some time ago but now you are wanting to return to work in ‘Big Data’ it is always tough to get up to know how best to update your skills and feel confident. So we are going to run some introductory evening workshops beginning in July here in Bristol looking at data quality using Talend. You can find out more by visiting our workshop page. The intention is that these workshops will be a rolling programme throughout the year.

The workshops are not meant to provide Talend training for developers in a commercial implementation of the solution. They are designed to be taster sessions for people who want to find out whether data is an area of development they want to pursue as a career. We are happy for current or newly graduated university students to come to the workshops too.

Just message or email me if you need more information ( Many thanks.