Finding Friendly Spaces ~ Desklodge Bristol

On our longterm wishlist is a space for Women’s Tech Hub, a space that offers skills development and top-up training sessions, that welcomes women who want to practice getting back into the tech workforce in a supportive and friendly environment.

We really like the idea of women working alongside each other in a space where they feel at home and encouraged, and draw on our own experiences of what we have and have not liked in different workplaces.

So we know how nice it is to find spaces that feel comfortable, where we fit, where we can relax and work quietly but not be scared to have a conversation and network. We’ve been meeting in cafes and at each other’s houses and talking online as we develop our ideas and plan Women’s Tech Hub, which is fine but recently we found Desklodge.

This co-working space in town is open to anyone who needs a hotdesk or meeting room and is handily central, on the 5th floor of no1 Temple Way (the old Evening Post building near Gardiner Haskins) and an easy walk from Temple Meads or Cabot Circus. There are shared areas and meeting booths, and a communal kitchen area with good wifi and free coffee!! It is bright, cheerful and has very friendly people on the front desk who explain the membership options – you can drop in for just an hour at a time which is very flexible and perfect for us.

What we also like is how supportive and encouraging Desklodge are of Women’s Tech Hub.

Lego Booth Desklodge