Gender Pay Gap analysis workshop

Do you ever wonder how often companies notice their own issues around gender and how they value the men and women who work for them? There was a satirical piece out this week in the UK in response to comments by a well-known tennis personality or two about the relative importance of male vs female players.

The satirical piece suggested all tennis tournament prizes should reflect the gender pay gap in society and cap women’s tournament winnings at 79% of men’s winnings. The pay gap is just one of the things that employers need to look at if they are to keep women in their workforce, especially now that legislation is coming in April 2017 asking that companies with 250+ employees report on the gender pay gap in their organisations – and luckily for employers in Bristol and the SW there’s a free event coming up in Bristol at the Engine Shed on April 20th.

This is a free one hour workshop where you can “try the Gapsquare PRO tool and get the necessary analysis to calculate the gender pay gap, understand what makes the pay gap, and identify trends”.

It looks like a useful opportunity for companies to explore if they are inadvertently contributing to pay inequalities and then find ways of dealing with it. The workshop is aimed mostly at HR Managers and internal/external legal teams and if you are interested then sign up here.

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