In Good Company

It’s always nice to hear positive thoughts about what you are trying to achieve and we were delighted to be featured as one of the top female tech groups in the SW in this article from Alice Whale at TechSpark.
Women’s Tech Hub was born from a desire to support and bring together the different groups and meetups for women in tech, and find ways of helping the organisers avoid burnout!

We know first hand from running Bristol Girl Geek Dinners and Grrrl Games that it can be time-consuming finding speakers, venues and sponsors for our refreshments, and trying to avoid clashing with other events. We have always treasured the idea of having a physical building to operate from, with women-only spaces that welcomed women from all communities in Bristol to come and network, train and build their own careers in tech. That is still on our Big Wish List.

Since our initial ideas around women in tech groups, we have evolved a couple of other pathways  – one for individual women working in tech who want support with developing their skillsets and careers, and another for local tech companies who want to encourage women to come to work with them, and stay! The two paths converge most obviously with our Re:Boot  but we are developing more ideas – such as our offers to companies who sign up to support us with an annual membership.

One thing that we have not mentioned recently is that we have always planned to have two big meetups a year to bring together local women, their tech groups and local tech companies. We’ll share more at our launch in November at Bristech, but we want to have an annual Women’s Tech Hub conference on diversity and tech in the SW, and an annual Winter Social ~ ideas for venues & sponsors welcome!

As Serrie once said in an interview with TechSpark: “We want to share as much knowledge as possible about how to keep women in tech.”

SO if you want to share then email us on