KETL Supporting WTH ~ Bristol

KETL is a data management and integration consultancy with a great ethos that is working with WTH ~ Bristol to explore ways to improve the diversity of their workforce. 
Helen Woodcock
, KETL’s Marketing and Business development manager,  has been a great supporter of the WTH during our start up period and Ian Cray their MD is also fully behind the initiatives we are putting in place. It’s great to have such positive support for our ideas.

They have recently released a blog based on some of the things we have been discussing and doing which is helping us all understand what some of the issues are around getting women into the industry – see it HERE

One of the most exciting projects they are working on is re-skilling people, especially women, to help them develop skills in data management and analytics.

“We are going to start with our key data management tool Talend. Participants on the workshop will follow through a fictitious case study and the focus for this workshop will be on using the tool to improve data quality.

Our series of workshops will begin in July and we will offer evening sessions for small groups. If you would like to register your interest in the workshops then please email me and with details of your availability and your areas of interest. The workshops will not require prior knowledge of any particular toolset but participants must have a curiosity and an interest in working with data.”

Here at WTH we see this as an excellent opportunity for women who want to move into the industry or who want to re-skill to return after time out.  Data analytics and management is becoming a great sector to move into; we heard on Radio 4 recently that data science will be one of the best paid future jobs as automation increases and the BIG data society grows, some recent articles back this up: Gartner Forbes.  The best thing about the area is its breadth of job opportunities, from data cleansing, data inputters, data analytics, data scientists and general data management, allowing all backgrounds to get involved and make a career move into something that is interesting and varied.

So if you want to have a peek into an alternative field of work please take a look at their blog and join up.

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