Kona Coaching

We’ve been looking around at reasons why women sometimes give up and leave rather than stay in their work – and we came across an impressive webinar from Kona Coaching. They’re a group of chartered occupational psychologists who say they are on a mission to help people thrive in their working lives.

Here’s what Kona Coaching have to say about themselves:

We’re coaching experts and have extensive experience of
working with organisations and individuals, all with a focus on helping
people achieve more in their working life, perform at their peak and
boost happiness and wellbeing at work.

Areas of expertise
At Kona Coaching we focus on helping people to deal with challenges
effectively at work, and to learn the skills and steps required to
create a flourishing career. We do this by running training and coaching
programmes focused on providing individuals with the tools they need to
match themselves to the right career path for them, and to build their
personal resilience in order to deal with challenges effectively and to
use their personal resilience to boost their performance and
satisfaction at work.

Typical areas we work with people on:

  • Matching yourself with a career or organisation using the Career Compass
  • Creating a Resilience Advantage in order to create strong, sustainable,
    success in your career

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