Not just on a Friday

Women’s Tech Hub members have been so successful at getting work that we can’t keep up with them all, and a lot of our familiar faces can no longer come along to Free3Friday. This is great as it means we now have space for a whole new bunch of women to come along and join us and benefit from our support but we miss those old faces and they miss us too. So, we decided that we need to meet up at other times outside standard work hours – some people were already organising afternoon teas and climbing sessions together, but we wanted to make something that a whole bunch of people can turn up to, with partners and offspring. So on Dec 3rd we kick off the WTHub monthly ‘unsocial’ with an afternoon at Horts in Bristol – head on over to meetup and join up HERE

Our other non-Friday plans include running a series of evening workshops to help women who can’t attend our Friday mornings and help them get into tech. These will kick off in the New Year – if you are interested in attending some of our tried & tested confidence-building CV-polishing sessions then send us an email on

Hope to see you on 3rd!