We threw a party and lots of you came

Our Women’s Tech Hub Midwinter Social was a great way to start 2017 ~ connecting people in tech with each other, sharing information about the potential peer support that we and other meetup groups provide, and, last but not least, giving tech companies a chance to share info about current recruitment.

There are lots of rather tasty jobs and opportunities heading this way so if you want to find out more then check out the slides from our rolling presentation. We had these on display all evening ~ and at one point made people stand up and say a bit more about them. It was great to have so many companies AND meetups represented, and to know that they want more women to join.

There were lots of very positive conversations going on and networking happening, which is what we wanted from our Midwinter Social. It was great to hear speaker after speaker talk about the need for more diversity in tech. We all know it goes further than gender and it seems that we at Women’s Tech Hub are not alone in wanting to create more open discussion about how to progress. So with this in mind we announced our plan for a WTHub~Bristol conference on Diversity in Tech. We want to run this on a Saturday in June and make it as accessible to a diverse an audience as possible – watch this space! Get in touch if you want to support us, host us, sponsor the event or get involved in any way.

So thank-you for coming, and here are all the slides. I do feel bound to point out that a lot of them looked much prettier when they arrived in my mailbox. It all started to go a bit skewiff when I merged them into one presentation. But hopefully you can see who they are from/about; take a look and if you want to know more then get in touch with the contact on the slide or email us here on info [at] WTHub.org

It was great to be able to say thank you to our supporters – especially to desklodge who host us every week (nb such good biscuits!!). Coming next we have a Jan 27th workshop on making great LinkedIn profiles, and some Friday sessions on Machine Learning.

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