Pointers for Women in Tech from Women Who Code

This was posted on Geekwire a couple of days ago – an article by Madeline Vuong with the sort of title that gets us all reading:  “6 secrets for success in the tech industry” based on talks from a Women Who Code conference in Seattle, USA. Have a read, it covers the sorts of conversations that we have been having here and why we set up Women’s Tech Hub in Bristol. Not least the statement:

“Diversity and inclusion is everyone’s issue to move forward and to help solve”

Well yes.

Here at WTH we’ve both done quite a lot of talking with other women to find out what their thoughts are on why the level of women staying in tech is so low compared to men.

We have spent time supporting and encouraging other women to celebrate their amazing achievements and share their accomplishments and inspire each other. And now we are talking to companies desperate to work out why they are slipping or have slipped into a predominantly or all-male workplace, where they recognise the lack of a diverse workforce is an issue.

The great thing is that now seems to be the time to get things moving, with so many companies and organisations being more open to having the necessary conversations about how to keep women involved in the tech industry.