Summer Connections

With an ‘official’ launch date of Nov 3rd we are working hard on our plans and getting our house in order, still meeting people who are keen to support the women’s tech hub, making connections with companies that support diversity and slowly buillding a community of people who are signing up to our meetup group and LinkedIn.

We will be asking for input and comments on our plans soon so if you are on our mailing list then please keep an eye out this week! If you aren’t on our mailing list then join us on now!

We have kept Free 3 Friday going through August even though a lot of our regulars are busy with family commitments and don’t have time to come co-work and catch up at Desklodge.

If you haven’t been to a session yet then do make a note of it and try to come – there are 20 free spaces each Friday from 10am-1pm for women working in tech (or interested in working in tech in the future) to come and share a friendly table with others. We have a good catch up over coffee and biscuits at 11am every Friday and catch up on what everyone is up to. This has led to some really useful connections – one session saw two new members embark on a very timely skillswap of website-design/marketing and copywriting, within a few minutes of sharing what we did round the table.

We have also put women in touch with local start-ups and established companies looking for new staff, and are keen to test out our Re:Boot programme where we pair women up with companies who are interested in women returning to work.

So sign up, come along and keep an eye on our website for news.