Talking ADLIB

When we first started scoping out the myriad of things that our Women’s Tech Hub could offer we realised we can’t do everything ourselves and it makes much more sense to find people and organisations that offer the range of services that women need.

So we have been having conversations and making connections with like-minded people who want to support and encourage women in their tech careers. Recently we met for an interesting chat with Sabrina Walls from ADLIB, a recruitment business based in Bristol that is always looking for more people to place in tech/ digital/ marketing/ creative/ eCommerce/ UX sector jobs. ADLIB have a range of live tech jobs on offer and can help those registered on its books with advice about brushing up their CVs and professional presence online.

This sounded great to us and so we want to pass the info on to WTH ~ Bristol members; ADLIB’s clients in the tech sector are looking for talent and to be able to suggest an equal amount of women than men, they ‘simply’ need to get more cvs from women.

Currently, the split of male tech CVs/ female tech CVs is not even close to 50/50! Obviously we’d like to help change that by spreading the word and encouraging more women to send in their cvs. So if you’re thinking about a change of work-scene, take a look at the ADLIB website and get in touch with them to see what’s on offer.

Sabrina at ADLIB will also be at our Free Three Friday (F3F) 11am Kaffeeklatsch on May the 6th and on hand should you have any questions.

Adlib flamingos