Transferable Skills with Sari Vanska

At a recent F3F, WTHub member Sari Vanska ran a workshop on recognising the transferable skills that make an important addition to CVs and can help us hugely in job interviews. It was a really useful couple of hours, with great input from participants.


What do we mean by transferable skills?
Transferable skills are also often called soft, generic, key or portable skills. They are the useful skills that we develop in one situation that can be transferred to another. They are usually skills that we pick up over the course of our lives and we need to realise that they are relevant and helpful in different areas of life, and can be applied to a wide range of job situations.

transferable skills

Sari helped us think about how to identify and appreciate all the different types of transferable skills that we don’t always value or even realise that we possess.

Types of skills

Identifying these skills is not only useful for CV writing and job interviews but also helps with self-confidence, self-belief and motivation to apply for the jobs that we want. Sari gave us useful tips and practical ideas on how to get our transferable skills across at interview, and welcomed input from all participants.

We had immediate and very positive feedback:

“Thank you for giving up your time to running this workshop. I really appreciate what you did for us today. I thought the workshop was very useful for anyone looking for a job, whether experienced or inexperienced. I found your training skills fantastic as you involve everyone and also you come across very personable, which is great. Also, you have given me more confidence in my job search, because I now know that I am no different from anyone else, I just need to learn how to keep my feelings in check and calm my nerves.
I love all the keywords you provided for each individual job description. I would never have known that actually I have some leadership skills because I am actually doing them in my day to day life!”

The workshop was a great success and we will be following up with an F3F session on Fri 27th Jan focusing on how to create great linked-in profiles. We are open to suggestions for other useful practical workshops that fit within our F3F mornings and are planning a session on interview skills.

nb Sari Vanska is available to run similar workshops, drawing on her wealth of experience working within international tech companies. Email us if you want to be put in touch, or find her in our Women’s Tech Hub linked-in group.