WISE “Men of action”

An interesting event popped up on social media today and caught our eye, and not just because we have been talking with a few people here in Bristol about how round table discussions can be used to shift things along, if you have enough people involved who are open to conversations about increasing diversity AND are in positions of responsibility in organisations.

(n.b. no one so far has said to us that they aren’t open to increased diversity in their organisations, which is nice)

But back to this event in Knutsford, which is not local to us at all, but is a WISE knowledge sharing event hosted by Amec Foster Wheeler (an international engineering company )

The information that mostly caught the WTH eye was this:

  • 88% of people in a STEM management or leadership role are men
  • Women make up 14.4% of all people working in STEM occupations.
  • Under 10% of the UK’s engineering workforce is female

So the “WISE Knowledge Sharing Event: MEN OF ACTION  – THE WISE WORLD CAFÉ” takes place on Tuesday 17th May if you want go and join in.

The more women’s voices the better.