WTH Membership ~ what’s in it for me?

When we relaunched with our shiny new website at the Spring Social, we also launched our memberships for businesses and individuals. It was great to see our first business members wanting to know more about what we offer them, and absolutely brilliant to have so many immediate individual signups from women with first-hand experience of Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol. We are so pleased that it’s not just us who think we offer a whole load of great benefits all for the cost of a couple of coffees (or one cocktail) a month.

Over the last couple of years, Women’s Tech Hub has developed a great network of dynamic and inspiring women who’ve mostly met through our Free 3 Friday co-working sessions, but also at our varied training workshops and regular social events.

It’s hard to quantify the effect of being part of a network like ours but we have supported more than thirty women into great jobs in the past year. We help with identifying next steps, cv polishing, confidence building, arrange one-off workshops and short training courses. We’re not just about getting members into work, but also about supporting you once you’re out in the workplace.

“…women come from different backgrounds and share their interests and passion for learning new things…”

Here’s a quick list of some of the benefits:

  • Experience wonderful peer support, face to face and on our lively online channels
  • Receive feedback and editorial help with your CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Submit your personal skill profile to our non-public database
  • Register your interest in being approached by WTH for relevant opportunities
  • Hear about jobs and other opportunities to enhance your career first
  • Attend 2 workshops per year for free and join more at an affordable rate
  • Discounts on training with partnered companies
  • Discounted conference tickets
  • Test your next tech talk with a friendly audience or be the audience
  • Start/join a study group with other women and gender nonconforming folks in tech

How can you resist?! Head on over to our membership page and join us!