Talking AI, ChatBots and GHAIA

WTHub is all about conversations, and recently we sat down for one with Phil D. Hall of Cassini Global Health. We’d heard him give a talk about his work on using Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, and at one point he asked the room where the women were, making the point that unless the developers of AI are diverse, the resulting AI won’t be.
So we met with Phil to find out more about what he is doing, and what he thought of our ideas for getting more diversity in SW tech.

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Maternity, Parenthood and Pay Gap

There’s been quite a bit of discussion in the media on the gender pay gap recently, after a report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies stated that many women are penalised for taking time off to have children.
Reading more carefully it seems that it is not so much taking maternity leave that is an issue but that women with children often return to work part time and so they “lose out on subsequent wage progression, meaning that the hourly wages of men (and of women in full-time work) pull further and further ahead”

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