31 January 2023

Positive news for you (and us)

We subscribe to a magazine called positive news as we feel the world needs more of it. For those of you that don’t get it or feel positively exhausted by all the bad news we want to share some of their highlights from this month. We feel its worth it!

Positive tipping points could ‘unlock a climate crisis stalemate’

Most people are familiar with climate tipping points: one component of a fragile ecosystem collapsing, sparking a chain of irreversible disasters.

But academics from the University of Exeter in England have tipped the notion of tipping points on its head, claiming that breakthroughs in low-carbon technologies could trigger an unstoppable wave of decarbonisation, or what they call positive tipping points.

The world ‘reached peak fossil fuels for electricity’

“It’s all over except the shouting.” That’s the conclusion of a report into the role of fossil fuels in the electricity sector.

Published this week, it suggests that the world has reached peak fossil fuels for electricity generation. It forecast solar and wind capacity to increase at least threefold by the end of the decade, “pushing fossil fuel electricity into terminal decline”.

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