Python Learning for Advanced Beginners (‘PyLAB’)

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A huge thank you to Kathryn for setting up and establishing PyLAB. For 2021 we’re going to start developing an application with multiple interfaces, interacting with multiple third-party systems. We’ll start preparing Python packages, writing code that can be reused, tested and deployed. To do this we are going to try to use some of the tools and processes adopted by a lot of organisations.

The idea is to keep this fun and practical while allowing participants to get an idea not just about how to write great code, but also how to ensure the code meets a standard, priorities are delivered and dependencies identified. We’ll try out different approaches to find out what works for us, but we will start with an introduction to the Agile methodology, Scrum and look to adapt it to our needs.

If you’d like to join in, just introduce yourself on the python_workshop channel in CodeHub Slack ( or come along to the next Workshop Wednesday.