Python Learning for Advanced Beginners (‘PyLAB’)

Improving through experimentation

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Practising is cool

PyLAB is for those who want to continue to develop their Python skills, typically after completing a beginners’ course: the emphasis is on learning through doing, with the active support and collaboration of similarly-minded individuals.

Each fortnight we come together (virtually!) at Workshop Wednesdays, courtesy of Womens’ Tech Hub, and agree what project to work on over the following two weeks.  Initially, we will are using projects from Robert Heaton’s website here,  though nothing is cast in stone and all other suggestions are welcome.  Over each two weeks we work on the project in our own time – sharing progress, questions and comments via Slack.  Each fortnight we discuss how we got on, compare our efforts and try to understand the pros and cons of any different approaches.

For the meeting on 7th October we are working on project 5 (Snakes) or project 6 (User Logins). We are also considering whether to embark on a longer term project, maybe around IoT and RPis.

If you’d like to join in, just introduce yourself in CodeHub Slack ( on the python-workshop channel, or come along to the next Workshop Wednesday.