We realise that part of the issue with seeing more diversity within the tech industry is related to the recruitment pipeline.  We have considered this and feel that the best option is to understand the pipeline issues and remove them as much as possible. For that we offer lightweight and reasonably priced jobs boards and passive recruitment.  Rather than charging you an arm and a leg we simply act as match makers and advise on both sides of the recruitment process.

We ask for feedback from both the company and the candidate on unsuccessful interviews to:

  • Feedback from the candidates on the interview process help the companies to understand any blocking issues and improve them for future interviews
  • Allows us to gather information on our candidates so we can work with the feedback to improve their chances at their next interviews.

Jobs board

We are keen to work with companies that are reaching out to engage and increase their diversity through our jobs boards.

Candidate pool

We regularly work with our members who are looking to either make their first step into the tech world and are interested in reskilling, have just come out of training/degrees/bootcamps or returning from a break as well as supporting women wishing to change job.

Passive recruitment service

We are candidate-driven so we simply look to place our members with the best companies in the region. Our candidates are primarily women, but we include all genders in our lists, if this is important to you then please let us know.

Freelance directory

Are you looking for a freelancer? Browse our directory of freelancers in the tech industry.

Are you a freelancer? Add yourself to be listed on our directory.

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