10 September 2023

Skill up with Bootcamps

Part of our remit as a group is to help our members get into the tech industry. We have already shared our knowledge of online free courses which we believe should be a great starting point for many.

It’s always good if you are completely new to tech to test out a few types of coding or domains such as User Experience (UX), data science/analyses or engineering, Python, Javascript, web development, or whatever you think you may be into. If you don’t enjoy it then look at another area of tech that you may enjoy. With the free courses, you can simply stop and find something else to try so it’s a great first step. It’s also a great brush up if you are coming back to the industry as a returner and obviously to grow your knowledge base if you want to progress your career.

ps – You can pop along to Workshop Wednesday and get support from the people there if you need support – Most of the online do also have a support network with the courses though.

After online learning, you may be lucky enough to start as a junior – and it’s never a bad thing to apply for junior roles as many companies are looking at a wider more diverse group of candidates now and most are happy to talk (and they can’t shoot you – right!?).

However, if you feel like you would like a more official course or want to build your confidence more then there’s the short or the long route in then there are various options.


The short route is with bootcamps and there’s plenty of them about so we won’t go through a massive list but point you in the direction of some of the review pages for them.

Note 1: – they are NOT this type of bootcamp!

Generally, they cost somewhere between 8000 and 15000 and they vary greatly in quality, support, and time – most are 12 – 16 weeks of full-time training although many also allow remote and part-time. You also have to consider the costs of not working, childcare, travel, etc so do your homework thoroughly before you start. The positive is that many have a direct link with the industry and should be able to support you in your first role in the industry you are moving to. It’s a valid and common route, especially for people changing careers but please do your homework first. Once again you can ask us for recommendations at our networking events on the codehub slack channel or email us on info@wthub.org.

Governement funded free bootcamps

Before running to the costed bootcamps it’s worth understanding what’s going on with the government, as they’ve been busy pumping money into training for a few years now and that includes sponsoring the bootcamps as part of their skills for life campaign.

Skills Bootcamps offer free, flexible courses of up to 16 weeks. They are available for adults aged 19 or over who are either in work or recently unemployed and live in England. Some Skills Bootcamps have additional eligibility criteria – full details here.

Types of courses available

There are loads of courses available and many are supplied by the same bootcamps that are also offering the charged ones.

Looking at the options we would suggest the ones under digital in the choices – the engineering ones do occasionally have some electronics engineering ones but just looking at the south-west as an example the following options are available for you:

  • 3D modelling and printing (CAD) Yeovil College
  • Agile frameworks for software projects
  • AI for environmental sustainability
  • AWS cloud data engineer
  • BIM (autoCAD)
  • Cloud engineering
  • Cyber
  • Data (science, analysis and engineering)
  • Digital (content and marketing)
  • IT
  • Microsoft (dynamics, Azure, engineer)
  • Software (developer, tester, engineer)
  • Web Development

So take a look and see if a career in Tech is for you. We most definitely believe in lifelong learning and know that careers are non-linear, so if you feel you’ve missed your vocation in life – it’s never too late!

Before you do go down this route though, hold your breath as we will next talk about the apprenticeship routes – which means that you get paid whilst studying – up to Masters level!





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