13 August 2023

STEM Returners

We have a lot of members who are looking to come back into the industry after taking a break, most commonly while producing the next generation of (hopefully) great engineers and techies. The best place to find out about returner programs is with StemReturners, and we have had great feedback from members who have used them so thought we’d take a look and share some of their current programmes with you.

A full list of the companies can be found here.

Stem Recharge

STEM Returners and Women Returners are excited to launch the second cohort of STEM ReCharge, a free-of-charge Return to Work Support Programme for tech and engineering professionals based in the Midlands and North of England. The programme is open to all genders who have taken a caring-related career break of 12 months or more.

Participants on the programme will benefit from expert return-to-work coaching and job skills training, STEM-specific technical skills refreshing, mentoring, connection with a like-minded peer group, connections to employers and ongoing support sessions.

A quick check around for the companies with current positions available currently:

  • AECOM : Landscape professional and bridge engineer.
  • AWE: Scientists, Mech engineer, project design engineer, H&S engineers, Mech maintenance, Electrical maintenance, Manufacturing engineer, facilities maintenance, reliability manager, project manager, electrical engineer, warhead mech CAD, Senior electrical safety manager & computational scientist.
  • BAE Maritime: Mech design engineer, maintenance engineer & Software engineer.
  • BAE Naval Ships: Product lifecycle management, Detail designer, Mech engineer, Software engineer, Software integration, Systems engineer & structural engineer.
  • Binnies: Civil engineer.
  • Boeing: Programme quality specialist, Systems engineer, Publications development specialist, Aviation mech technician.
  • Cavendish: Construction engineer, Project engineer & Planning engineer.
  • CPI: Process/Chem engineer & Embedded software engineer.
  • CUMMINS: Electronic systems product specialist, customer engineerings technical specialist & test systems engineer.
  • Engineering Training Trust: Trainee engineering lecturer.
  • FanDual: Senior software engineer/manager (gaming, wallet & XPG).
  • Frazer-Nash consultancy: Human Factors consultant.
  • Jakobs Ireland: Engineering management, Projects controls, Project manager, Carbon/Sustainability specialist, Programme management, Data analyst, Water resource engineers, engineer (EC&I, process, mech & Civil).
  • Jakobs UK: Project controls, Water engineer, Nuclear specialist, Engineering manager, Project management and Controls, Nuclear engineer, Safety engineer, Commisioning engineer, Civil engineer, Mech engineer, Process engineer & EC&I engineer.
  • Johnson Matthey: Mech manufacturing engineer, Chemical engineer & Process engineer.
  • Kier: Information coordinator.
  • Leonardo: IT Systems engineer, Cyber security consultant, Software engineer, Firmware engineer, Hardware engineer, Systems engineer, Project engineer, Electronics engineer & Trinee systems engineer.
  • Ontic: Mech sustainment engineer, Dev test engineer & Electrical component engineer.
  • Orano: Senior mech engineer & Principal engineering manager.
  • Petrofac: Naval Architect.
  • Reaction Engines: Systems architecture, performance and aerothermal engineer & Mech design engineer.
  • Ricardo: Bid manager – Waste and Resource management.
  • Safran Landing systems: Elec/Mech engineer.
  • Safran Power and Electrical: Integration engineer, Stress engineer & Electrical or Electronics engineer.
  • SLR: GeoTechnical engineer & Project Hydrologist.
  • SSE: Electrical engineer, Asset policy and strategy engineer & Operations projects manager & project engineer.
  • Taylor Woodrow: Quantity surveyors.
  • UK Defence Solutions Centre (UKDSC): Data application engineer.
  • Wates: Assistant bid manager.
  • Xodus: Dev engineer (Oil & Gas), Process engineer, Concept design safety engineer, Subsea and pipelines engineer & Flow assurance engineer.


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