WTH is a genuinely inclusive community where members inspire, celebrate and empower each other. Thanks to WTH now I am more confident about my own voice and skills in the Tech industry.
Triana Hamilton, Web designer & developerEvents




Is your conference looking like just the same old faces are turning up? Do you need support to appeal to a wider audience? Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol can work with you to rewrite your code of conduct, publicise the event and encourage more women along.

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Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol recognises the importance of peer support for everyone, but especially its role in encouraging members of under-represented groups in tech who need spaces to network, learn, relax and enjoy feeling part of a supportive group. We believe that meetups are an essential element of peer support, and can be a useful springboard to build confidence to join other professional networks.

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Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol want to be open to all our members regardless of income and as such wish to offer all members equal opportunities for any offers that we can pass on.  We are continually grateful for our members support and being there for us and one another, we do not wish anyone to feel obligated but are truly appreciative of any support to allow us to continue in our mission to support Diversity in Tech .

*please note we are a VAT registered social enterprise but are not a charity so you are unable to reclaim the tax