Women’s Tech Hub ∼ Bristol exists to encourage local women and gender non-conforming folks in tech and find ways that they can develop their careers in tech.

A source of support, enthusiasm and joy every week. WTH has been a way to connect with my local community in a way that feels 100% comfortable when i was new to the city and continues to be a regular part of my week now I’m settled.
Eriol Fox, Visual and UX Designer

We aim to facilitate dialogue between local ‘women in tech’ groups and industry, with practical support such as finding sponsorship and venues for the diverse events and avoiding calendar clashes. We want to help local companies create a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture that benefits everyone.

Techspark run an up-to-date calendar of all tech-related events in the Bristol and Bath area.

If you would like to support or partially support an event for any of the groups below then get in touch with us on

Meetups in Bristol

WTH F3F Meetup