Conference season is coming

BGGD & ACCU/Bllomberg

GirlGeekDinners & Support at the ACCU sponsored by Bloomberg

This month we are being hosted by Bloomberg at the ACCU conference on thursday the 11th April. As its a big stage we are extending the invite to the ACCU conference delegates also. We are also asking that our collaborative local groups also come along so that we can share some of the great initiatives in the Bristol area to the larger audience. You can sign up here to find out what’s on or simply come along for a drink and a catch-up (TEDx have said they will be there also!!)

WordCamp Bristol

Coming up on the 17th – 19th May 2019 @ University of Bristol, School of Chemistry. We’re happy to announce that WordCamp Bristol 2019 is officially on the calendar! Friday 17th May 2019 – contributor day Saturday 18th May – Sunday 19th May 2019 – two days of talks, meeting other WordPress people and getting new ideas. This will be held at the University of Bristol School of Chemistry. Details Here. At only £35 for tickets, we think this is a really well priced!

The Future of the Internet of Things

ExperistechUK, and HBB are pleased to host the second Future of IoT Conference in Bristol on the 25th April. With IoT moving from connecting single products and functions to connecting systems or multiple ecosystems with the support of 5G, AI and Blockchain integrations, interest and adoption in IoT are surging. This year, the event will cover how the burgeoning IoT ecosystem can help businesses in the UK in their transformation journeys – improving business performance and changing the way employees work. It’s free and was really interesting last year – Women’s Tech Hub will be there if you want a chat – sign up here.

DDD Southwest 2019

DDD southwest is coming on the 27th April DDD Southwest is a free-to-attend conference for software developers. – We love free conferences!!

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Cheeky bit of promotion for an awesome woman …

Beth French

A bit cheeky as its not techy but as Beth is such an awesome person, friend, and inspiration we are unashamedly selling this film about her epic swimming Against the tides film screening in Bristol on the 12th May. The screening only goes ahead if they sell all the seats hence the plug … AGAINST THE TIDES follows marathon swimmer, Beth French, as she sets out to conquer Oceans Seven, a challenge consisting of the seven most dangerous sea-channels in the world. For extreme swimmers, it’s the ultimate test; the equivalent to the seven peaks in mountaineering. Only a handful of people have ever completed it, but Beth aims to become the first person ever to swim all seven in one year. “

AGAINST THE TIDES_TRAILER from Against the Tides on Vimeo.

Back to normal service!

Bristol GirlGeekDinners will be at the ACCU on April 11th and sponsored by Bloomberg. We will be announcing and giving details of some of the local groups helping promote women into tech so The Women in Cyber’ academy – a collaboration between our sister Women’s Tech Hub and QA will be there to provide an overview and answer questions, KWMC (Knowle West Media Centre) will be there to announce their ‘Making It’ funded program ” Through practical sessions, you’ll learn a range of skills including how to use digital design software and follow a design process, operate machinery including laser cutters and 3D printers, and design for materials such as wood, fabric, acrylic and card. Open to women aged 16+ from the Bristol county area, and people of any gender aged 16+ from South Bristol “

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ADLIB and Women’s Tech Jobs get started

get started

This week we’ll be starting working with our new partner on Women’s Tech Jobs ADLIB on getting our great members into great jobs. Adlib has published a couple of great pages on what jobs are in tech as well as giving information on what you should get paid to help you negotiate your wages. You can check out salary guides here and knowledge on tech jobs, which they ensure they will be keeping updated monthly.

ADLIB has taken on a new diversity and engagement recruiter especially to work with us so please come to us and we will work with them to get you the best possible role and ensure you don’t get lost in the recruitment process. It also helps to make us sustainable of course so we can keep on supporting you all!

We’ll also be gathering feedback from the Tech Careers Fair with some questionnaires – the mails we have had directly have been great, so it appears that we acheived our aim of making it engaging and open.

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New partners and collaborations

ADLIB logo

ADLIB & Women’s Tech Hub Partnership announced

We’re really pleased to announce that we have agreed on a partnership with ADLIB . While we are aware that this appears to be at odds with our ‘no recruiter’ Code of conduct, we are also aware that our main aim is to get women into the industry. Our partnership was based on the fact that we know that ADLIB has the best reputation in the area for great treatment towards candidates. They, in turn, are aware of the fact that collaboration with Women’s Tech Hub further emphasizes their belief in diversity and equality in the tech industry. The partnership is with our sister company Women’s Tech Jobs, which attends and gives careers support on our weekly meetings (and at any other time). We believe that with the support of a well-founded company like ADLIB we will improve on our current success without going against our core principles of putting our members first. They are looking for someone to work for them with us so if you are wanting a job as a Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter please apply here.

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We signed up to the Bristol Equality Charter

On monday we went to the Bristol Equality Charter launch event.  Rather than describe it in detail you can read the  BBC overview.   The initiative has come from Councillor Asher Craig  who presented on it with great passion.  We loved it and were more than happy to be one of the underlying signatories.

One of the points that Marvin mentioned in his talk really resonated with us. He said that whenever people talk Diversity there seems to be competition with people saying “what about” BAME/Women/Age/Disabled/LGBT?

We believe we are inclusive of all as a group and do not segregate members. To us everyone is equal and we are simply trying to push tech into being more inclusive.  We happily work with other organisations to support them but we are simply concentrating on our area of knowledge.

For those wanting more information here’s the charter Bristol Equality Charter and you are free to sign it Declaration Form and send it to  if you want to be part of it .. which we can’t see that anybody reading our posts wouldn’t want to be.