Christmas is coming

Andrez Christmas Dog

The new John Lewis Advert is out so we now know that Christmas is coming to distract you all from lockdown

If you are not soo keen on saccharine adverts it looks like Lidl also isn’t and is even taking a sideswipe at ALDI carrots in their Christmas Ad here. Although we still think that the music should be less soporific and much more Christmassy – get this old school recorded off the TV footage Andrex puppies and Slade singing – what’s not to love? (plus it gave us an excuse to put a puppy on our page – they are very on trend)

On the subject of Christmas has anyone checked out the new Mozilla Privacy not included site for when you consider your shopping options this year? Is your gift not creepy or very creepy when it comes to Data collection?

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Living la Vida lockdown


2nd Wave lockdown blues? On the plus side for parents who were furloughed last time with their children at home .. schools open, so not all bad news and its also nice not to have a commute in the current cold weather. Plus time to upskill – check out the training page for affordable ways to do it. If you’re looking for a Job however as yours has come to an end check out some of the new Jobs on offer on our Jobs Board or get on our candidate’s board and we’ll keep you updated.

#GiveNTech Campaign

On the subject of the lockdown and what it uncovered this year, we are fully behind Digilocals #GiveNTech campaign to get old laptops to disadvantaged children. Also considering that Christmas parties are tax-deductible and we’re unlikely to be seeing many of those this year, why not swap it for another tax-deductible option of giving to a charity to help children have access to tech.

Digilocal logo

DigiLocal is working with a number of partners across the region to provide re-conditioned laptops for vulnerable families. If you have a laptop that is no longer needed for your purposes, there may be a family that would greatly value it for online schooling, accessing social support, etc.

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Ever felt like we’re living in a 70’s sitcom?

Women who Tech report

Women Who Tech Report

Women Who Tech retained polling firm Lincoln Park Strategies to anonymously survey 1,003 tech employees, founders, and investors globally on their experiences in the tech sector.

Their goal with the 2020 survey was to identify what barriers and challenges people face in the tech sector, and track whether the systemic sexism and racism that respondents’ experiences have shifted since our 2017 survey. 

Women who Tech

Some highlights (downlights?) from it:

When asked what kind of sexual harassment, 65%of women founders said they were propositioned for sex. This was up 9%from 2017. In addition: 

  • 59%of women experienced unwanted physical contact (-3%).
  • 56%of women had sexual slurs directed at them (+17%).
  • 32% of women were groped (+7%).
  • 24%of women were sent graphic photos (+14%).

It really is like some retro 70’s sitcom – think Benny Hill and on the buses and it would fit perfectly – take this one as an example:

Of the women founders who experienced harassment by an investor, 59% were explicitly propositioned for sex in exchange for investment funding and introductions.

You really couldn’t make it up could you? It is an american publication so hears hoping that the UK industry is a bit more 21st century.

On a more positive note, we took a look at a free boot camp this week (the link is now on our training page). We had a look through the reviews and they are pretty positive and while they don’t claim to be a one-stop-shop, it is definitively a good place to go get started without any expensive outlay. If you are interested in coding but don’t know what to do then we are always here to make a suggestion on where to start, simply mail us on to get started. If you about to go back into furlough but without the kids this time then its a pretty timely start for you.

It’s called the freecodecamp and covers:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Javascript Algorithms and Data structures
  • Front End Libraries
  • Data Visualization
  • APIs and microservices
  • Quality Assurance
  • Scientific computing with Python
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Information Security and
  • Machine Learning with Python
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Need a portfolio site? Check out our Wednesday lineup

Workshop Wednesdays

Next week’s great lineup is as great as ever – and, as ever, it costs nothing: just signup HERE.

Workshop #1 PyLAB (Python Advanced Beginners)

PyLAB logo
PractPyLABising is cool

Continuing and sharing on the Robert Heatons projects for advanced beginners.
Working on the Spotify app that Anna suggested. The initial document is here. Over the next couple of weeks we will all get up to speed on what is suggested and ask questions to make sure we are ‘on the same page’.

Workshop #2 WedDev101

WebDev101 Logo

Project surgery/open discussion for anyone with projects to share, questions to ask, support wanted etc

This is the group for anyone working in Web Development and all the great stuff around it for more details on the group see the webpage here. Rob will be running a workshop in the second half – see details below.

A couple of the statements in the report:

Workshop #3 Bristol Data Science and Machine Learning

BDSML logo

Time to carry on learning! Or talk about difficulties and challenges since last session – we are here to help. We are currently focusing on the ‘Practical Deep Learning for Coders 2020’ course (
you can also join up on their group here

Workshop/Talk #4 Portfolio Sites

Rob Squires from WEbdev101 is going to talk us through how to set up a portfolio site with Gatsby.js and Netlify.  For all of you out there freelancing or job hunting why not join Rob and learn how you can showcase your talents with a career portfolio site.  Gatsby and Netifly are perfect tools for hosting and managing a site that can best sell you for potential jobs in a time in which is a complex job market and you need to get ahead of the curve.

Half-Term Break


Half term break so not so much on this week, for those of you needing a break, enjoy it, for the rest of you there are a couple of things that might interest you still…

Enterprising Women Showcase 2020

SetSquared Logo

SETsquared Bristol are delighted to showcase 18 women-led startups that have been supported by the Natwest funded Enterprising Women 2020 Pre-Incubation programme. The programme helps innovative early stage women-led businesses  access elements of SETsquared’s world-class business support and work towards commercialisation.    

All are invited to tune in for this live-streamed pitching event to find out more about the progression of this diverse cohort of exciting startups, from augmented reality to hydroponic systems.

Obviously there’s still a load of meetups going on which you can find here on our Events page as ever

International Internet Day!

Why don’t you start your celebration of Internet Day by visiting the original website, which just so happens to still be online! Take a moment to gander at its high-quality graphics, it’s utterly sleek and streamlined design, and the sheer high-tech embodied by the first website ever. Absolutely stunning? No?

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