Bootcamps and a sad farewell

Coding Bootcamp

University of Gloucestershire Institute of coding BootCamps

Skills Bootcamps are flexible, 16-week courses that offer opportunities to learn and develop skills in tech, which fast-track you to an interview with an employer. Delivery will be over eight weekends from 26th November 2021 to 31st March 2022. All teaching will be delivered online to ensure maximum engagement from students.

The most interesting piece, other than the subjects is that they are being delivered remotely, are free (based on acceptance criteria) and are being delivered on:

  • Friday, 6pm – 9pm
  • Saturday, Sunday, 9pm – 5pm

Subjects are Data Science, Cyber Analysis and Software engineering!

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Mental Health Awareness week

Mental health

Mental health in an unequal world

This year’s theme is about the inequalities and struggles that have been unearthed during the pandemic. We thought we would share some of the various support places you can go for support or simply just to investigate the issues around mental health.

Mental health org

Has various blogs and research papers as well as the fact that they are launching a £2 million covid response programme!

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Free boot camps from Weston College

Coding Bootcamp

Delivering Digital Skills Bootcamps as part of the Government’s Plan for Jobs commitment.

Weston has been selected, via the Institutes of Technology, to deliver Digital Skills Bootcamps as part of the Government’s Plan for Jobs commitment.

These are 12-week courses in Cloud Services and Cloud Data Engineering and are available free of charge to individuals living in the West of England, or seeking employment/planning to move to work with employers located in the West of England.  The courses will provide Microsoft Azure certification and will require one day, day release each week with self-guided learning throughout the week.

For employers they aim to provide signposting to any companies interested in interviewing the candidates at the end of the programme. This is also open to employers who wish to upskill their staff.  Employers are asked to pay 30% of the per-person training cost (ie. c£800) whilst the DfE are paying 70% of the cost (individual applicants get 100% funding). The boot camps are aiming to encourage 50% females into this programme and primarily support SME employers in the West of England.

Places are limited so they are encouraging people to register their interest as soon as possible.  Courses will run in October (possibly November), and again in January. All details can be found here.

Tech For Good South West Relaunch

TechSoup Connect: Tech4Good South West Chapter is back on Wed, Oct 6 @ 1:00 PM

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pause join Tech For Good South West for a community conversation about the future the group. We will be sharing the feedback from our recent community research, and hearing from other aligned regional networks.

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