People whisperers wanted (a.k.a mentors)


News In this week from the lovely CodeHub lot! Their mentorship programme is setting up to run again.

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“Since 2018, CodeHub Bristol has organised a twice-yearly Mentorship Scheme for those based in, or with connections to, Bristol. We are now launching the 2020 Autumn Scheme, which will run from the end of September 2020 for up to 4 months.
We invite you to join the scheme – either as a mentor or a mentee.
If you would like to participate, please complete the on-line forms by Monday, 7th September.

The success of the scheme rests on the willingness of more experienced CodeHub members to support and share their experience with those at the start of their technical careers. Without your time and voluntary commitment, the scheme would not be able to operate. We thank all those who have supported the scheme as a mentor and welcome all those who are willing to step forward this autumn.

What is the purpose of the scheme?
The scheme enables a person with less experience in a given field (mentee) to ‘tap into’ a helpful voice, so that their ambitions can be realised with more direction and more quickly than otherwise. At the same time, the mentor also gains from the experience as it provides a perfect environment to develop and practise listening and coaching skills – an opportunity that does not always exist in the workplace.

The goals of the scheme are specific to the mentee, for example they may want to find ways of developing their technical knowledge or may be looking for guidance on how to move into new areas of work. What is generally true is that, as a mentee, you will need to invest time and effort in the mentorship to get value out of it. You will need to be prepared for regular catch-ups and be willing to identify those areas on which you would like advice.

How does the scheme operate?
Aug: Those who are interested in participating, either as mentors or as mentees, fill out the relevant application forms by Monday, 7th September.

Draft guidelines for those participating can be found here: mentoring_guidelines
If you have any questions, please contact or via the CodeHub #mentoring Slack channel (”

Workshop Wednesday & All the rest

What Ev’s … we’re on a break!

If you want some support or just a chat contact us on as we always have time for you – you are important to us ?

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Struggling with online learning?

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We know that many of you have been taking the time during this pandemic to work on upskilling and Kathryn who runs the Python beginners group posted a link that resonated with her: What beginner’s mind is really like. In response Steve from CodeHub wrote the following which we thought was brilliant advise so we thought it was worth sharing for all of those feeling like you are scaling an impossible task:

  1. You will succeed and so it is worth pushing through. Learning to code is not about innate talent or any guff like that. It does require you to find a new way of thinking about processes, which is quite reductionistic, and if that’s a bit foreign to you at the moment, it will take extra time. But you will get there.
  2. Focussed learning is demanding and stressful and that stress comes in waves unique to you. So don’t worry about the fact that you’re sweating it. Do not compare yourself against other students to see if they too are finding it tough because they are likely to be at different points in the learning cycle. Be kind to yourself and recognize that you’re doing something challenging and give yourself rest periods.
  3. Setbacks are keys to the learning process. When you are blocked, do not worry that it means you are no good at this. Setbacks are a normal and important part of learning, indicating a missing and valuable line of thought. There are two ways to progress through a setback if you’re on your own. You can back off and try ‘circling’ the topic to see if a different approach fills in more information. Or you can try to push through with intensified focus: close off all distractions, grab a coffee, get comfy and re-read every part of the puzzle and force yourself to understand every sentence in its entirety. And also …
  4. Reach out for help from more experienced people, especially when you encounter setbacks. The ideal situation is when someone will set aside an hour or so to work through what you’re finding challenging. Sometimes just putting it into words can be enough. Sometimes you’ll need someone to patiently listen and then show you how to put your thoughts back on the rails.
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CodeHub is a great place to get support and they have some brilliant members in there who appear to be simply sat waiting for you to pose them questions – if you haven’t joined up with them yet then go take a look at their slack channels here. We feel like saying that you get 30 days and if you’re not satisfied we’ll give you your money back. The thing is its free and we know that its brilliant so see you all in there…

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