Lets get ready for 2022

2022 year of the Tiger

It turns out its also the year of the water tiger (starting February – Chinese new year), which apparently comes with the characteristic of “Has a strong sense of self-esteem and learning ability” which we think is a very good sign for those wanting to skill up and get their careers on track! So on that note…

We have some cunning plans

Data Science Event

Data Science Event

We started planning on this last year but have moved it to this year and can announce are provisionally planning on running this at the end of March 2022 aimed at people wishing to get into data science or simply interested in the domain. It will be a conference light event t presenting what Data Science is in conjunction with UWE data science MSc and other careers support. Any companies wishing to be involved then feel free to reach out as we shall be running a recruitment event as part of the day. It is a Hybrid event so anyone not able to make it in person has the opportunity to attend from home.

Extraordinary General Meeting

As we’re hopefully getting to the end of this and considering going back to real life events we have decided to ask all interested in coming to the meetups to join us for a discussion on what everyone would like moving forward.

We have the possibility of going back live to Desklodge, we are currently in discussions with them on the layout and format moving forward as it’s likely to be with restricted numbers to start with.

Therefore we’d like to ask the following questions:
1) Do people want to go back to live meetups
2) Do we want to run some hybrid events
3) With Hybrid do we want these to continue indefinitely to include people from further afield
4) Do we want to start later – so 6.30/7 as people are working from home and may need to travel in
5) What subjects do people want to cover
6) What you’ve enjoyed in the past and may want repeated
7) Does anyone want to be more active and host their own workshops
8) If you are a company would you want to sponsor occasional meetups to also advertise your roles

.. and anything else that comes up

We can run through the list and go through the attendees for their thoughts.
We will return regardless 2 weeks later. We simply want you to all have your say on what you want from the group.

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Bootcamps and a sad farewell

Coding Bootcamp

University of Gloucestershire Institute of coding BootCamps

Skills Bootcamps are flexible, 16-week courses that offer opportunities to learn and develop skills in tech, which fast-track you to an interview with an employer. Delivery will be over eight weekends from 26th November 2021 to 31st March 2022. All teaching will be delivered online to ensure maximum engagement from students.

The most interesting piece, other than the subjects is that they are being delivered remotely, are free (based on acceptance criteria) and are being delivered on:

  • Friday, 6pm – 9pm
  • Saturday, Sunday, 9pm – 5pm

Subjects are Data Science, Cyber Analysis and Software engineering!

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Let’s take a raincheck

Rain Check

Data Science MSc Event

We know we said that Saturday October 16, 2021 is our Data Science MSc Open Day, but we’ve changed our minds. As excited as we were about having a date we didn’t feel it was the best as dates go so thought we would hold out for a one we fancied a bit more. WE think we would like something a bit bigger and a bit more fun and closer to the start date of the MsC course and thought it might be an idea to see if anyone might fancy coming along to chaperone us.

A couple of local tech festivals coming up for your delectation

Bath Digital Festival is back on the 19th until the 22nd of October

Bath Digital Festival

This year, our event series will focus on recovery, skills and talent plus, we’ll be launching our brand new Digital Skills Exchange programme. So, if you’re looking to sharpen some skills, wondering who’s recruiting at the moment or new to the tech scene, there’s an event for you. 

Learn to code, join an interactive workshop on artificial intelligence, discuss the modern ethics, join a masterclass in social media marketing or check out the latest tech. Our online programme will  offer plenty for everyone to take part in and enjoy.

Festival passes are available to buy already and a great deal so we suggest you get them while there are some left.

Bristol Tech fest from the 10th until the 15th of October

Bristol Tech Fest

This year Bristol Tech Festival is partnering with Digilocal to support young people into coding! (we love Digilocal – well worth everyone’s support!)

Bristol Technology Festival is an annual showcase created to bring together events, people and communities to share, learn and explore the technology developed in our region.

BAME Business bursary

SETsquared Bristol’s Breakthrough Bursary supports BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) entrepreneurs to grow their tech business with our bespoke business incubation programme.  Our programme can help you get your product ready for market or grow your existing business, whilst retaining your existing company culture. 

There is plenty out there for ALL members though so feel free to contact us for other options if this doesn’t suit you such as YTKO for women in business if this doesn’t fit.

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Let’s take a peek at Intersectionality


The Bristol Women in business charter

The Bristol women in business charter have just released their great new website and have an event coming up that anyone interested in understanding more about intersectionality and how to best support everyone in the industry.

Looking at EDI through an intersectional lens

We all deserve to have our voices heard; our faces and experiences reflected in the culture and media and our unique needs addressed through relevant policies. However, when we fail to incorporate intersectionality into our everyday practices and policies we leave parts of our communities behind.

Intersectionality describes how different elements of a person’s identity can be discriminated against, with negative outcomes. If you know of anyone working in D & I and with experience of intersectionality then they welcome any speakers to join them.

Data Science MSc Event

Saturday October 16, 2021 is our Data Science MSc Open Day. There’ll be a limited number for the live event but we will run it as a hybrid event for those unable to make it. We’re still finalising a place and speakers but anyone interested in being involved feel free to contact us on info@wthub.org, we’d really love to have some speakers talking about how great data science is when its used for good in industry.

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