Skills shortage?

Skills Shortage

This week we are taking a look at some of the latest work culture initiatives that we’ve been spotting as well as some key insights into the industry, where the skills shortage is and what may be of interest to get into as a career. So first off, a key insight from IC-Resources highlights not only the worth of jobs in the engineering field but also the shortage.


Speak Out Revolution is a non-profit organisation founded in 2020, with a mission to cancel the culture of silence on harassment and bullying in our workplaces. We’re leveraging the lived experiences of those who have spoken out about workplace harassment and bullying so we can collectively, efficiently and intelligently tackle the fundamental challenge to creating truly inclusive workplaces for all.

There has been an increase in salaries across the board in software, due to high demand and todays’ buoyant market. We continue to see demand for candidates with experience (academic or commercial) in Embedded Software, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

The global demand for semiconductor skills has reached unprecedented levels. That’s great for the people in the industry, as the upward pressure on salaries is also unprecedented.

The electronics recruitment industry has continued to bounce back with a vengeance and has never been busier. Generalist Electronics Engineers are in high demand in almost every area of the UK. Specialist skills within Power, RF and FPGA are particularly sought after,

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City of Bristol Courses & Open Day

Open Day

Open Day

The City of Bristol College has an Open Day this week and you can sign up here.

A couple of things we spotted that may be of interest is that they are also involved in both online and live and some that are free or affordable training for adults.

Over 50 short, online college courses are available for you to join today for free, giving you the skills you need for a career change or to get employment ready. This wide range of courses is brought to you by Partners in Bristol (PiB), part of City of Bristol College, in collaboration with SkillsNet. Some that piqued our interest:
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Happy International Men’s Day

International Men's Day

International Men’s Day 19th of November

You may wonder why we want to support IMD, but it’s something we have been talking about a lot in the group. When we originally set up Women’s Tech Hub there was a feeling that it would be seen as a women’s group and exclusionary with regard to gender. It’s thankfully been far from true.

.. and we would like to say thanks

Since the beginning, we have had such overwhelming support from men that we are quite frankly in awe of all the male allies we have met along the way. We joined forces with Codehub to jointly run workshops a while back and regularly get a 50/50 mix of genders (well more of a 40/40/10/3/2/1/3/1 type mix with all the gender identities which we love and we welcome all genders to join us on our meetup.)

Our aim is to support a fair and inclusive gender mix in the industry as that’s what we see in society as a whole and believe that should be reflected in the industry within the people solving problems using tech.

One of the best pieces of feedback we had from a workshop was where a Codehub member came back a week after their first workshop attendance and said that he was “surprised after coming to the previous one to go back to work the next day and realise they had no women in their company“. Job done!

This is the way forward for us – we are not looking to have the industry as female-only – we want a collaborative society and industry – and on that note, we want to mention a few of the great men that have been supporting us.

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International Week of Science and Peace

Woman holding the earth

with a really catchy tag #InternationalWeekofScienceandPeace

Given that we’ve just had Cop26 it a great time to look at what this week has to offer:

The International Week of Science and Peace was first observed during 1986 as part of the observance of the International Year of Peace. The organization of events and activities for the week was undertaken as a non-governmental initiative; the secretariat for the International Year of Peace was informed of the preparatory activities and the final summary of events that occurred during the week. The organizers sought to encourage the broadest possible international participation in the observance.

United Nations Site
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Bootcamps and a sad farewell

Coding Bootcamp

University of Gloucestershire Institute of coding BootCamps

Skills Bootcamps are flexible, 16-week courses that offer opportunities to learn and develop skills in tech, which fast-track you to an interview with an employer. Delivery will be over eight weekends from 26th November 2021 to 31st March 2022. All teaching will be delivered online to ensure maximum engagement from students.

The most interesting piece, other than the subjects is that they are being delivered remotely, are free (based on acceptance criteria) and are being delivered on:

  • Friday, 6pm – 9pm
  • Saturday, Sunday, 9pm – 5pm

Subjects are Data Science, Cyber Analysis and Software engineering!

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