GGD Bristol is back and Immersive Audio Network Launch

Girl Geek

Girl Geek Dinners

We’re back on it and have some irons in the fire as the saying goes and we have a date with Forgerock on the 26th, sign up via meetup.

Amy Millard from immersive labs talking about her journey into tech
Amy Millard (She/Her) is a cloud engineer in immersive labs infrastructure team based in Bristol. When she isn’t ensuring their platform runs smoothly for their customers, she enjoys reading, baking and lifting heavy weights. She also loves to dance and teaches Zumba at her local leisure centre. With her scrum half days behind her, she now gets her rugby fix by helping to coach an U7s mini rugby team and spending weekends cheering on her two sons when they play for their school and club teams.
She will be talking through her journey from motherhood to reskilling and making her mark in a great tech role.

If anyone has a company that would like to host a meetup then feel free to get them to mail us on

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Global Game Jam, Girl Geeks and a digital Uplift

Random woman looking at laptop

Global Game Jam from Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th February @ Frenchay Campus

Game Jams are a great way to get to grips with game creation tools, network with new people, and try something brave. There is no pressure – simply create something new, be collaborative, have fun, and eat pizza. To celebrate the new College of Arts, Technology and Environment (CATE) – we’re putting on an extra special GGJ where all CATE students are invited to join in, meet students from across the College and create a new game in just 48 hours. So if you are a coding wizard, animation guru, art/illustration wonder, music/audio wrangler, 3D modelling legend, or just interested in what goes into making a game – we want you.

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GirlGeek Dinners & Workshop Wednesdays are back

Workshop Wednesday

Workshop Wednesdays are back

It’s been a great break but we’re back this week with our regular Workshop Wednesdays on the 11th, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all. Obviously having a break is great but seeing your lovely faces is something that makes us happy so pop along and say hi if you have some time.

We’ll also have a chat about the offerings as it will be great to advertise the specific workshops with a few more details. If you’re new to tech then it may suit you to learn to set up your own website for example? It’s a good option for using as a showcase for all your talents as you build up your skills – also a great idea for anyone wanting to transfer within their career. Other options are learning to use git/CS50 free BootCamp, Data science and machine learning, python and basically anything that anyone is willing to share with one another. We set up the place and get the drinks in and you can all sort out what you want to do – that’s the plan!

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Workshop Wednesdays & Girl Geek Dinners: back in ‘the real’

Ocean Hydro

Workshop Wednesdays

We kept the first one relatively quiet to see how it was, turns out it was great so we’re going in for more.

This weeks special
PyLAB logo
PyLAB is cool

Steve will be (re)running the last session of the series  OOP via Python. As usual it is standalone, so don’t worry about needing to have seen previous sessions. The overall aim of the series is to dig beneath the surface of “object orientation” and explain what makes it tick and why it is effective. And in this final session he will be digging into two Design Patterns and illuminating why they are key. Also lightly cover Design Patterns in general but this isn’t a series about becoming an uber-nerd – we’re aiming for an architectural understanding. Or Oracular, depending on your preference. Our interest here is how these patterns hook into the core of object-oriented programming.

Also showing: anything basically, web development, python, flutter, data science, gaming .. anything techy goes. We’ll also have a women tech hub table for members wanting to drop in and catch up or talk careers or support. Sign up with codehub or Women’s Tech Hub.

Return of GirlGeekDinners

Also coming back in ‘the real’ on the 24th of February courtesy of scottlogic.

Scott Logic
A Problem Solving Toolkit or Why we’re much more useful than we think we are!

Laura Warren talks us through how she’s tackling problems and navigating a non-linear career in tech. Sign up here.

Laura Warren
Laura Warren

Our Feature pictures will be based on disciplines that use Data Science. This weeks is Ocean Hydro energy.

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Free Robotics courses & Data Science Conference


Women’s Tech Hub in collaboration with UWE

April the 28th 2022 @ The Watershed, Central Bristol

Women’s Tech Hub is proud to present a one day conference in collaboration with UWE Bristol. Rather than it being a conference for people in the field, this is a conference for people interested in Data Science and learning what it’s about, how to transfer into the field and generally what it’s about.

Our Feature pictures will be based on disciplines that use Data science. This weeks is Aquaponics.

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