Two weeks to go: Tech3Shed

Grrrl Games meetup

… and we have barely anytime for anything else

To be fair we did take a night off to go to the Massive attack gig as it would have seemed rude not to see them while they are back home!

We’re still working hard on our Tech Careers Fair Tech3Shed in Bristol in conjunction with the HBB and Desklodge House on the 15th and 16th March. Sign up on eventbrite – we’ll be leafletting this week too, so anyone wanting posters for their office mail us on and we’ll mail you one to print out or can drop in a printed copy locally. We have some volunteers from UWE coming to help us which is great news, but with so many of our wonderful members asking to help then we have also set up volunteering pages if you want to lend a hand. We are currently fixing the workshop schedule and will be announcing them as we get the full details.

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